Rare pure freedom - khadi denim

A range of khadi denim created in collaboration with Arvind Mills in the weaving clusters of Gujarat. From the spinning of the yarn to the handloom weave and the pure indigo hand dye this project is craft intensive. The resultant denim jeans are 100% stitched by hand. The process of making this remarkable fabric has been archived and is available to watch here


A capsule collection of engineered stoles

A range of unique and unconventional limited edition stoles created in collaboration with Shingora in fine wools and cashmere. Using modern interpretations and motifs from the jamdani weave, etc etc get more weave details from rajesh.

Each motif and the ensuing patterns created tell a story and are proprietary designs of the brand.


Surreal imagery

A fantasy collaboration with grey goose, a brand of Vodka produced in France. The garments and the resultant imagery were created for their advertising campaign.


Achromatic visuals

Monochrome is synonymous with the label and comes naturally within our repertoire of products. The Nexa collaboration has been revisited several times since the Nexa launch by Maruti wherein collections have been specifically created keeping in mind the black white and grey visuals the brand Nexa conjures up.


Conceptual packaging

Chivas has had a history of collaborations with various artists. In this particular instance we partnered to create a packaging for Chivas which was a limited edition offering in all the duty free airports internationally by the brand.


Satyam cinemas launched a multiplex in Chennai and collaborated with us to design one of the theatres as an experiential space. A myriad kites that were also light fixtures adorn the walls and ceiling, and come alive when the curtains go down.

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